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28 August 2015

ISP Review

UK residents could spend up to £14k more on homes with 100Mbps broadband

Think Broadband

INCA wants clawback to be put to competitive tender

Think Broadband

WarwickNet to build network to support larger roll out of local TV

Think Broadband

Looking at building your own 4G Mast?

17 July 2015

London Evening Standard

BT could be forced to break up internet broadband business under new proposals being considered by MP’s

Broadband Choices

One in ten kids has accidentally made in-app purchase

PC Advisor

Google, ISPs offer free broadband to low income families (in the US)

ISP Review

UK SME Business still lack basic broadband connectivity awareness

EE Customers to get flood risk warnings on their mobiles

Rural Berkshire homes to get 1Gbps fibre broadband

Hyperoptic introduces ‘no contract’ fibre broadband option

Marshall wants to take smart phones up to 11

Tech News Today

Facebook virtual assistant ‘MoneyPenny’ to make purchases for you

3 July 2015

Average Briton spends £144 a year on streaming and downloads

EU roaming charges to be scrapped by June 2017

EE, Vodaphone and BT top table of most complained about providers

UK has the world’s fastest mobile broadband connections


Airband to deliver high speed broadband to Dartmoor National Parks

ISP Review

Study Find BT Fibre Broadband Rollout benefitted Cornwall by £136m


Think Broadband

Winners of 2015 ISPA awards announced

The Star

Broadband Minister in Sheffield warns that free £3000 vouchers are running out

12 June 2015

Customers can end contract if broadband is too slow – Ofcom

Ofcom to investigate broadband provides ‘systematically making it difficult’ for customers to switch

Apple Pay to Launch in UK next month


Champions League football will be free for BT TV customers

5 June 2015

Superfast Broadband boots Yorkshires RSPCA fundraising drive


Think Broadband

Speed Test Results for May


Broadband Finder

Average UK broadband speed to rise in next 4 years


ISP Review

Satellite might not be the best fix for UK and EU Superfast Broadband

The million-pound London riverside apartments with ‘useless broadband’

29 May 2015

Westminster residents urged to sign up for fibre broadband campaign

ISP Review

The March 2015 BDUK and BT Fibre Broadband Uptake Figures

Celebrations as North Yorkshire Broadband Scheme reaches milestone

Older people need ‘more support’ to get online

22nd May 2015

ISP Review

Survey finds UK house buyers rejecting homes with slow broadband

Fibre Systems

Ofcom says BT must offer rivals access to dark fibre

Broadband finder

Sky launches recycling scheme for old equipment

ISP Review

Business Leaders tell UK Government to spend more on broadband

BBC News

New Ultrafast broadband trial starts in Swansea


Can white space solutions solve the rural broadband challenge ?

IT Pro

Report says BDUK worked, but warns on broadband competition

15th May 2015


Rural fibre firm Gigaclear gets £30m to build gigabit broadband


Think Broadband

John Whittingdale MP appointed Secretary of State of Culture, Media and Sport

Andover Advertiser

BT under fire from Winchester residents for £30,000 broadband ‘ransom’

ISP Review

BT Openreach UK begins to trial a fix for G.INP Broadband woes


Business Quarter

Juke Box Manufacturer expands with superfast broadband


2.5 million more homes and businesses can now go superfast


BDUK Broadband hitting 6,800 homes per million pounds spent

Real Wire

British ISP offering free equipment to help connect people struggling with slow broadband

1st May 2015

Villages left waiting for superfast broadband after BT ‘changed it’s mind’, councillor claims

Think Broadband

Competition for £3000 broadband grants for business increasing

Think Broadband

New ASA ruling may mean less fibre roll-out information


ISP Review

UK Property Sales Website Zoopla set to include more broadband info

Business Reporter

5 Best Broadband Providers in the UK

Trusted Reviews

Broadband speeds to influence a fifth of UK voters


BT and Openreach mislead customers checking broadband availability

27th March 2015


Civil Service ‘Digital Friends’ to help get the UK on line

5G mobile networks will allow us to touch through the internet

Think Broadband

Gigaclear to start roll out in Welland Valley

ISP Review

Ed Vaizey calls on councils to push superfast broadband for new builds

Think Broadband

Government response Rural Affairs Report on Broadband

Think Broadband

Poll Results: Is Government money on superfast advertising worth it?

Councils should make sure new-builds have superfast broadband

The Register

Does your broadband feel faster? Akamai says it went up 20%

20th March 2015

Gigabit broadband rollout gives Peterborough ‘competitive advantage’

Think Broadband

Surrey announces formal completion of main phase of fibre roll out

Think Broadband

Looking into the Broadband Universal Service Obligation

Think Broadband

New national plan to bring ultra-fast broadband to all homes

Think Broadband

Thousands rate their broadband providers and small is big

ISP Review

Masses of Broadband Routers still vulnerable to directory traversal hack

13th March 2015

Think Broadband

Is 25Mbps satellite broadband really a superfast solution?

Think Broadband

Speed Test Results for February 2015

This is

Healthcare goes Hi-tech; smart gadgets to revolutionise pharma in the hunt for cures

Wifi customers to benefit from new mobile signal technology

 City A.M.

Digital probe sparks row over broadband as Sky and Talk-Talk press Ofcom to break up BT and Openreach

Comms Dealer

Gamma launches converged FTTC broadband service

27th February 2015

ISP Review

Cheltenham councillors call on property developers to build Fast Broadband

Campaign to map London’s mobile not-spots could go nationwide


Nearly one in three broadband connections are now superfast

Rural areas left behind as UK broadband speeds increase

Think Broadband

WarwickNet delivers flexible fibre solution to Tanshire Park, Elstead

Think Broadband

Gigaclear brings pure fibre to Uppingham boarding school

20th February 2015

Western Morning News

Calls for market watchdog to investigate broadband contract

ISP Review

Rural Broadband Solution Found, Put Wifi on sheep and badgers

Gigaclear investment a £6.5m boost for rural broadband


Think Broadband

House of Lords calls for internet access to be a utility

Think Broadband

Welsh Government thinks of plugging BT gaps

13th February 2015

Broadband Finder

Four more cities added to broadband voucher scheme

Government’s superfast rollout reaches two million properties

Homes with gigabit broadband are more marketable – Hyperoptic boss


Inner London has the worst broadband infrastructure in the UK, according to Government figures

Broadband Genie

How to protect your digital life from hackers and viruses


Digital Minister, Ed Vaizey hints EC could allow Stage Aid for broadband in cities

Farming UK

Satellite Broadband industry geared up to close rural broadband gap

Think Broadband

4 Million extra homes to be covered by Virgin Media

5th February 2015


MP’s: Governments broadband speeds are ‘outdated’

Midlands Superfast broadband project expands with £10m investment

Think Broadband

Government thinks opening up public sector networks will help broadband


2Mbps broadband not good enough says Efra Committee programme



Farmers must not be left out in broadband roll out

30 January 2015

ISP Review

Gigaclear begin FTTP broadband roll out for rural Northamptonshire villages


Chronicle and Echo

Ultra-fast internet set to benefit villages in Northamptonshire

Think Broadband

Read, digest NAO report, and then watch PAC take on BDUK and BT

Northants Herald and Post

3300 New homes and business in Northants to get superfast broadband thanks to £1.2million cash injection

Hodge attacks BT over lack of transparency on rural broadband

Eight times as many devices connected to UK broadband networks by 2022, says Ofcom

Think Broadband

Openreach G Fast Roll Out to Start in 2016/17

23 January 2015

ISP Review

Ed Vaizey dodges question on 2018 Superfast Roll Out Delay

Broadband users unaware of public wifi security flaws

Think Broadband

WarwickNet brings fibre based broadband speeds to Derby business park

UK broadband customers will be able to stream 4K TV with as little as 15Mbps

Broadband Choices

Vodaphone shortlists 40 more ‘not spots’ for 3G

Think Broadband

Three to buy O2 thus creating the largest UK mobile operator

9 January 2015

Think Broadband

Fibre to the Remote Node spotted in North Yorkshire

Government sets sights on faster broadband for new-build homes

Public Services Should be moved online- The Cloud

Rural group doubts claims of jobs boost from superfast broadband


UK Outdone by European broadband

TallTalk to take over Tesco broadband and home phone customers

Virgin Media begins notifying non- cable customers of transfer to TalkTalk

Telecom TV

Broadband provider offers a free Chromecast – the cheapest way to triple play

15th December

Think Broadband

Northamptonshire Signs Contract for 95% Signing

BT/EE Deal raises deals raises fears of ‘undue market power’

Broadband Choices

Government urges viewers to join ‘superfast nation’

Think Broadband

Superfast nation to be helped with TV advert

Government funding blocking EU cash for local superfast broadband projects-expert

8th December

Broadband News

Ofcoms new map will let you check mobile, tv and broadband coverage

BDUK chief Exec: Extend business broadband vouchers to 50 cities

Next Generation wi-fi hotspots will connect ‘without you knowing about it’

Broadband News

UK broadband not up to scratch, Ofcom claims

Virgin Media and Relish ads banned following complaints from BT


Attitudes to technology are creating a digital divide in UK government

Ist December

UK will not be an early adapter of 5G-O2

Consumers shun High Street businesses that don’t offer free wifi

Digital exclusion a ‘major’ disadvantage to farmers and other rural businesses

Budget broadband is the key to digital inclusion

Digital skills apprenticeships help businesses capture’ the best young talent’

Think Broadband

SuperConnected cities voucher scheme extended to March 2016

Think Broadband

EE starts new trial with Mesh technology for rural broadband

24th November

Cities should not rely on Government to improve digital infrastructure

Broadband News

Peterborough Vale hits Gigabit order target


WarwickNet butts heads with ITS Technology Broadband roll out in Derby

In car wi-fi part of the future of connectivity–700000275/

99% think government broadband speed is too low

Second screens’ have huge knock on effect’ on child health

17th November

BDUK chief Exec: Broadband for business a priority

 Free Wifi for Tesco Stores and Eds EasyDiners

Broadband speed and the differences in averages

 EE says ‘dark fibre’ will deliver gigabit speeds to mobiles

10th November

BDUK projects have rolled out 8,500 street cabinets as 1.5 million premises passed

How fast is your broadband provider?

BT “Fibre Broadband” Expands to 150,000 Extra Premises in Scotland

UK military airwaves go up for auction

BT explains hitting only 2.8% of its fibre-to-the-premises target

Head of government BDUK project predicts 30% superfast broadband adoption despite 95% availability


3rd November

 Employees more dangerous than cyber criminals

Alternative providers could join forces to rival BT

Manufacturers Criticise “Poor” National UK Broadband Infrastructure


Isolation driving rural broadband demand


Happy ‘Gimme Fibre Day 2014’

Campaigners: Rural broad band enquiry is a “ step in the right direction”

Mixed reaction to government plans for wifi in public places

Government position on rural Broadband is ‘nonsense’

27th October

Geeky Brits to thank for better broadband –

Rural Broadband: Small providers offer best ‘bang out of your public sector buck’

Europe needs to’ change the rules’ for broadband providers

Slow broadband – it maybe your neighbours using your wifi

 Broadband signal raises house prices

Brits “would choose a house based on its internet speed”

 Its official Brits have abandoned the landline

Government are putting free Wifi in 1000 public buildings

Vaizey: Public-building wi-fi cash will keep cities ‘internationally competitive’

BT results reveal 3.4 million connected to Openreach Fibre

Gigaclear gigabit network in Otmoor up and running

 20th October

1000MBPS for villages in Northamptonshire

1 in 3 homes based in Shetland gain access to fibre based broadband

6G launches high speed wireless broadband in Blackburn

Gigaclear’s fibre broadband sees school kids streaming 50 HD You Tube Videos at once

3rd October

UK broadband voucher scheme overhauled

Broadband speeds plummet at 9pm as Britons flock online

Rural broadband group Gigaclear targets Aim

UK Broadband “Among Best In Europe”, Says Culture Secretary

Virgin Media broadband trial delivers 1Gb speeds to Cambridgeshire village

EE launches 4G mobile broadband in another 18 towns

BT claims 1Gb fibre broadband speed boost

8th September

UK household broadband speeds on the rise with 3m new lines, says Ofcom

BDUK seeking a better deal from broadband suppliers, says CEO

‘Mole ploughing’ brings better broadband to rural Cumbria

Rural fibre broadband project B4YS smashes initial funding target

Rural broadband reaches West Oxfordshire with a little help from the PM

B4RN sub-project hits fundraising target for gigabit broadband rollout

New funding models are needed for rural broadband rollout, says community ISP–700000094/

Vodafone offers 4G mobile broadband across 304 towns and cities

Superfast broadband to deliver £740m boost to online retailers

5th August

Coming soon to the Openreach website cabinet level information

UK broadband is now more affordable than ever according to new research

Doubling broadband speeds ‘can add 3% to house values’

Villagers dig their own superfast broadband network

Sky adds 50,000 broadband customers in last quarter

7th July

Internet Services Provider’s Association award winners announced:

EU offers funding and support through ‘Connected Communities’:

UK government aiming for universal superfast coverage:

Getting online worth £1000 annually to first time browsers:

Extension on cutting edge G-fast technology set to come in next year, speeds on copper cables to accelerate significantly:

Government growth deals to deliver more funding for superfast broadband intervention deployment:

30th June

Innovation £10m fund to determine the real cost of serving the last 5%:

Gigaclear win £7.75 million additional funding to expand there broadband footprint including Northamptonshire:

37% of Britons think business apps would increase productivity:

Virgin Media top UK broadband speed test:

Two fifths of UK workers regularly work remotely:

Fibre technology also improves mobile network coverage:

27th June

Online news now as popular as print:

Ofcom makes switching to fibre providers cheaper:

Ofcom introduce new regulation from 1st July that means Openreach have to fix the vast majority of problems within 2 days:

Country side alliance welcomes innovative broadband projects:

16th June

Northamptonshire secures £5.5m for superfast broadband deployment:

BDUK launching broadband postcode data review:

New Ofcom regulation proposed on BT wholesale prices to improve competition:

8 projects shortlisted for £10m broadband innovation fund:

Virgin Media are investing significantly more in their broadband infrastructure:

Talk Talk launch annual digital hero search:

Google plan to use balloons for internet coverage is proceeding well:

Education system set for innovations in technology:

St Pancreas International station installs the fastest wifi network in the UK:

Ofcom publish a report on the availability of broadband in UK cities:

South Korea and Europe team up to tackle the issue of 5G technology:

9th June

Government broadband roll out will drive recruitment in telecoms and media:

24.6% of UK broadband users are now super-fast:

CEO of UK broadband is interested in taking part in the governments broadband roll out:

Commons speaker John Bercow makes firm case for e-voting:

30th May

MP hails Ofcom targets for BT Openreach:

Government launch new initiative to help businesses defend against online threats:

BT invest £440m in wind farms to power their entire UK network:

New research project to find a solution to a possible broadband capacity crunch:

Google invest 1 billion dollars in new satellite fleet improving satellite broadband coverage:

Huawei hold successful 10 Gbps wifi trials:

26th May

2013 saw another 20.5 million homes in the EU are connected to superfast broadband:

Skype to roll out real time translation feature by the end of 2014:

Chief exec of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association hails new EU legislation to put broadband in all new builds:

EU gives a helping hand to smaller broadband roll outs:

Digital skills to reduce loneliness in over 65s:

19th May

Milton Keynes set to trial a network of internet connected machines across the city:

BT to recruit 1,600 more engineers:

BT network repairs to speed up through Ofcom regulation:

MIT finds that wifi on the Moon is possible:

12th May

New EU legislation means all new buildings must be broadband ready:

BDUK have provided superfast broadband to over half a million premises:

6.4 million UK residents have never been online:

Government fund to help Female Entrepreneurs to capitalise on superfast broadband:

5th May

Fibre deployment reaches 2/3 of UK premises:

BSkyB call for increased competition in broadband infrastructure:

Demand for superfast broadband continues to grow in the UK:

Gigaclear and Hyperoptic nominated for best superfast broadband at ISPA’s 2014

Virgin Media add 40,100 broadband customers in Q1 2014:

International Telecomunication Union (ITU) say 3 Bn people will be online this year:

28th April

Tracking broadband take up across the UK:

Virgin Media launch major review of technology in education:

Ofcom announces plans to advance the UK’s wireless network over the coming decade:

Tablets help older people to get online:

21st April

Poor broadband speeds holding back businesses says FSB:

Ordinance Survey is the chosen organisation to map BT’s fibre cabinets:

Q4 shows Global average broadband speed rising:

50 slowest broadband streets in Britain:

Street with slowest internet speed in Britain:

14th April

Ed Vaizey speaks about the rural-urban digital divide:

Ofcom calculate average UK connection as 17.8Mbps:

¼ of all UK home broadband connections are superfast:

Government aim to reduce digital exclusion by 25% in the next two years:

7th April

BDUK overall project progress report:

Ed Vaizey defends rural broadband roll out:

Superfast roll out approaching 400,000 premises:

Poll results- Is there enough information available on the fibre roll out:

Half of the UK web users encounter internet connection issues on a daily basis:

31st March

Superfast Northamptonshire’s newsletter is released:

David Cameron joins broadband debate:

New East Anglia LEP plan to boost economy with the broadband roll out:

BT launches 100Gbps fibre optic connection:

Altnets respond to PAC report on DCMS broadband roll out:

Virgin Media make it easier for schools to access an ultrafast business connection:

25th March

Plusnet research find the majority of firms say connectivity is vital:

Ofcom publish ISP customer complaint data:

Broadband postcode lottery in the EU:

£10m broadband pilot scheme open to bids:

Hyperoptic broadband in the UK:

Research shows that over the next 15 years VoIP will replace landline and mobile phone calls:

17th March

Vectoring technology to speed up Irish Broadband:

‘Which’ campaign for broadband speed guarantee:

Brits will spend longer on there broadband devices than watching TV this year:

Increased spending on communications and entertainment reported:

10th March

Ofcom produce EU broadband scores:

Brits are Europe’s biggest smart phone shoppers:

Arrival of superfast broadband sees increased turnover in Belfast’s businesses:

Virgin Media offers 500Gb of cloud storage space to its customers:

Point Topic say three in four UK homes can access superfast broadband:

UK leads EU on superfast broadband take up:

BT overtake Virgin Media as the fastest internet service provider:

BT, BCS and CAS offer IT support and advice to primary school teachers:

PGC urges chancellor Osborn to boost rural broadband funding:

3rd March

Poor rural broadband affecting education:

Ofcom report on apps:

SME’s could be using broadband to better effect:

Think Broadband publish broadband factsheet 2014:

BBC Three go online only:

Ofcom Guidance on telecoms contracts:

Broadband speeds factor in most UK house moves:

24th February

Virgin boost their top internet speed again:

British Pensioners are becoming more confident in using the internet:

£250m in extra funding from the government bound for the broadband roll out:

Next round of funding allocations on a county basis:

Next round of funding allocations on national basis:

Rightmove become the first UK property portal website to list broadband speed:

Middle income houses paying more for their broadband than they have to:

17th February

Newcastle plans 97% coverage:

6.7 million adults in the UK have never been online:

Google plan to introduce 10 Gbps fibre connections in the next 3 years:

First town goes live in Scottish broadband roll out:

Superfast Cornwall reaches 85% coverage:

Lack of connectivity costing the UK £30bn a year:

Metronet urge SMEs to apply for superfast funding:

UK’s broadband roll out praised:

10th February

Virgin Media increase Superfast Customer base by 1m in 2013:

Edinborugh SMEs urged to apply for Superfast Broadband funding:

Bad weather causes an increased number of line faults:

Northern Ireland receive another 24.5 m to fill the gaps in their roll out:

3rd February

DCMS ask for comments on the future digital infrastructure of the UK:

£2.8m funding boost for Lincolnshire broadband roll out:

First areas in Dorset to Benefit from public funded roll outs are announced:

First areas in Warwick, Coventry and Solihull to Benefit from public funded roll outs are announced:

CityFibre urges more businesses in Peterborough to show their demand for superfast:

3rd February- Towcester ‘Goes live’ Event

Northampton Chronicle and Echo:

Anglia TV:

About My Area:

Think Broadband:



27th January

DCMS release latest public funded superfast figures which show acceleration in the roll out:

Climb in superfast broadband take up:

Ofcom reveal historical broadband price data:

Purdicom to promote superfast wireless technologies:

Global Broadband speeds still rising fast:

20th January

Hampshire has completed an open market review for 2015-17:

‘Super connected cities’ programme means broadband vouchers for businesses in Derby:

Confusion over broadband speeds in the UK:

Ofcom approves new ‘Earth station’ technology to make broadband accessible in vehicles and more public transport:

Ofcom introduce new guidance to help prevent mid contract price increases:

Fastest Internet connection ‘ever’ recorded between London and Ipswich:

13th January

Broadband named greatest engineering feat of the last decade:

Next Phase of funding from BDUK likely to be announced soon:

New £10m rural broadband fund available in March:

Hull’s KC superfast cabinets decorated with street art by competition winners:

Colchester combines fibre roll out with cycleway:

Children from less affluent backgrounds suffering most from lack of internet:

6th January

Superfast Cymru in Wales reaches 100,000 properties passed with superfast:

Farmers without superfast broadband at a disadvantage:

North Yorkshire’s rural-urban digital divide discussed in Westminster:

Scottish MSP considering using crisis fund scheme to repair Shetland island fibre optic link:

30th December

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) says slow broadband is holding back businesses:

Norfolk’s Country Land and Business Association (CLA) call for faster and more reliable broadband connections as it becomes one of their top 2 priorities:

Lincolnshire broadband roll out benefits from EU funding:

Central Bedfordshire reveal superfast will be rolled out to 15,000 properties by the end of 2016:

One third of UK broadband customers unhappy with customer support:

23rd December

Institute of Engineering and Technology reveal that broadband is more important to the British public than air and rail travel:

Openreach brings FTTP to 1000 apartments in South London:

42 new BT Openreach Engineers recruited to speed up broadband roll out in South West England:

16th December

A super switch on day is declared:

Ofcom confirm a new way to switch phone and broadband providers:

Fibre on demand coverage expansion announced by Openreach:

44 cabinets delivering FTTC broadband rolled out in Suffolk:

Kent sees first BDUK funded cabinet go live:

Report suggests Dorset has seen an £80m boost in its economy through the broadband roll out:

Rural FTTP project announces its supplier partner:

9th December

BDUK progress has brought superfast broadband to over 100,000 properties:

BDUK broadband roll out set to speed up in 2014:

Carillion talent sign joint venture and receive BDUK work:

Ofcom publishes international communication round up- UK offers cheaper communications deals than other major markets:

22 Cities benefit from funding for superfast business broadband:

Only 8% of businesses have less that 2mbps:

New more detailed deployment map released for Devon and Somerset

2nd December

EE launch 4G in Northampton:

Defra says RCBF is still accepting applicants:

UK leads EU rivals on superfast broadband programme:

Government unveils new £10m rural broadband fund:

Government urged to support 100% superfast coverage in South East:

DCMS Release data ‘snippets’ on public funded broadband coverage intervention areas:

Cheshsire announce areas to benefit first from superfast broadband:

BT now has almost 10,000,000 legacy unbundled lines which can be utilised by smaller ISPs to provide services:

25th November

UK ranked third in Web index ranking:

UK ranked 25th in net index broadband speed ranking:

First Cabs go live in Cambridge

Deep rural Cumbrian project is rolling out:

Think broadband picks up on Northamptonshire’s Access to Finance initiative:

Self installs starting with the new year:

Poll on people’s spending on broadband:

Virgin Media price increases:

Microsoft use ‘white space’ technology to provide free wifi in typhoon hit areas of the Philippines:

15th November

Campaigners joy after broadband announcement

BT backtracks on broadband postcode publication

Plug pulled on rural broadband projects in favour of BT

Cotswold Broadband to continue without RCBF support


End of the daily commute? How superfast broadband means more working from home giving us 60MILLION hours more free time

Virgin Media prices and broadband speed will rise

Rural areas need 4G mobile and fibre broadband, says MP

O2 launches its range of LTE Mobile Broadband packages

CityFibre unveils strategic broadband partnership with Peterborough

6G launches high-speed wireless broadband in Blackburn

14th October

Rural property market hit by poor broadband speeds

Gigabit broadband on the way to underriver

Extending superfast broadband after 2015

UK internet connections 48% faster than last year

Digital agenda uses satellite services to claim 100% broadband

EU claims European broadband coverage has reached 100%

Worth Valley residents lobby for BDUK inclusion

7th October

DCMS could force final 10% to wait for broadband

Kroes defends single telecom market for europe

UK close to top of ITU ICT development index

Providers invited to help finalise connection vouchers

85.9% of young Britons are digital natives

BT hits back at rural broadband criticisms

MP hails 1.2m boost for North Lincolnshire fibre rollout

30th September

Avonline demonstrates satellite broadband in Nortumberland

9.2million unbundled telephone lines and growing

broadband voucher pilot comes to an end

Machars residents urges to be proactive over broadband

23rd September

Rural broadband programme report published

Ed Vaizey defends govt rural broadband programme

Govt rural broadband rollout to accelerate sharply from October

DCMS talks rural and farms for BDUK projects

Leicestershire County Council publishes first map for broadband project

ITU says mobile broadband is fastest growing technology ever

16th September

Want superfast broadband then consider Northamptonshire

Broadband factsheet for Q3 2013 released

Cambridgeshire gains new broadband maps from Council

Labour to reaffirm commitment to Rural Broadband

Study links broadband speed increases to household income

CBI & KPMG urge Govt to step up broadband funding

6th September

Geddington win Best Community Website Awarded

BT Infinity and more: fibre broadband explained

BT pulls the plug on dial-up

Ofcom clears way for superfast broadband on UK aircraft

Ofcom’s Freeview white space broadband pilots aim for national launch in 2014

BT offers Leicestershire superfast broadband boost

Analysys Mason reports major shift in mobile broadband market

Boost to MK’s bid for superfast broadband

19th August

Point topic says copper will meet Europe’s broadband needs

FSB bombarded with complaints of slow broadband in Worcestershire

Satellite ISP uses crowd funding to solve broadband notspots in Scotland

Entanet joins superconnected cities voucher scheme

12th August

Two deep rural broadband projects in Oxfordshire moving forward

Four more villages in Rutland have access to fast broadband thanks to council project

Nottinghamshire signs BDUK contract with the council spending 2.5m

Talktalk to spend 100m on broadband upgrades

15th July

Public accounts committee expresses outrage at all things broadband

Bury Council, Pennine Telecom and local school team up on Wi-Fi project

Cityfibre connects first York based customer

Blogs with the best tips for getting a better internet connection

8th July

DCMS says 66% of broadband projects now underway

CBI demands accelerate on super fast broadband plans

China mobile and Huawei bring 4G to top of Mount Everest

ISPA Awards 2013 winners

VDSL2 coming soon to a lamppost near you

1st July

Rural broadband survey aims to investigate digital divide

North Yorkshire BDUK project progress report

Worcestershire set to sign bduk contract on 29th July 29 2013

Greater Manchester seeks information on broadband coverage

24th June

Government commits extra £250m in superfast broadband spend

BT builds out Lincolnshire superfast broadband network

Govt details broadband connection voucher scheme

EU consumers only receive 74% of advertised headline speeds

17th June

EE axes plans to share 4G Spectrum with 3 mobile

Google tests balloons as rural broadband solution

Thinktank says HS2 cash could be used for broadband rollouts

Swedish fibre firm backing rural fibre scheme

Bucks & Herts award superfast broadband contract to BT

Edinburgh city proposes new 10m broadband plan after EU funding fail

12th June

Super-fast 4G mobile broadband to be rolled out in Northampton

Government minister Mark Prisk visits growing Northampton firm

European business award for Northampton

University of Northampton reveals £330m campus plans

Northamptonshire shows off in new promotional video

Silverstone officials refuse to confirm or deny rumours of Northamptonshire circuit’s

3rd June 2013

Partnership to increase superfast availability in Coventry-Soilhull & Warwickshire

A quarter of small businesses unaware of the UK broadband rollout

East Staffs village could benefit from high speed wireless broadband

Superfast 4G mobile broadband to be rolled out in Northampton

25th March 2013

Rothbury to benefit from £460,000 of RCBF investment

EC aims to cut broadband engineering costs with new regulation

Broadband Survey

Wireless internet coming to west lindesy village halls

4G mobile broadband will boost UK businesses, says 02

18th March 2013

ITU calls for global 20Mb broadband by 2020

Forest of Dean to get faster broadband ‘within months’

Is more innovation on the way from Hyperoptic?

Virgin Media calls on Chancellor to re-direct Super Connected funding

EE to bring 4G mobile broadband services to Cumbria

Tooway satellite broadband review – is satellite broadband any good?

Work on £3m Rutland broadband project to begin in the summer~

14th March 2013

Average UK broadband speeds hit double figures

BT Agrees £48m Lincolnshire Broadband Deal

Virgin Media tops broadband speed charts

95% of Cornwall to Get Superfast Broadband

Point Topic sees ‘relatively low demand’ for gigabit fibre broadband

Digital Business First report released on the 13th March

8th March 2013

BT creates 1,000 fibre-broadband installation jobs

Cambs & Peterborough: Broadband Deal Signed

U.K. Ranked Tops In European Broadband Study

Ofcom reports on UK’s broadband progress

Virgin Media ‘has doubled broadband speeds for 3.4m customers’

5th March 2013

Third of households haven’t switched broadband in four years – despite prices dropping by more than 50%

Europe’s best broadband by 2015? Maybe – but what next?

BSkyB buys O2 and BE broadband businesses from Telefonica

Boosting your business broadband speed

Church could be key broadband solution in Berden

Openreach confirms 220Mb broadband pilot

BDUK consults on commercial, funding and procurement models for urban superfast broadband rollout

BT ‘not planning mobile broadband network’

What do I need to know about wireless broadband from Virgin Media?

Disappointing 4G mobile broadband auction leaves Treasury £1.2bn short

20th February 2013

What to look out for when choosing business broadband

4G auction results leave hole in Chancellor’s Budget

Will FTTP on-demand be available from 18th March?

DCMS says European broadband funding was interesting

Digital Region does not pick BT as preferred bidder

Faster broadband will be available in Rutland by ‘end of year’

Rural areas ‘cannot rely on mobile broadband alone’

13th February 2013

Best Ten ways rural communities are getting advantage of Internet by satellite broadband

Superfast broadband plan for Northamptonshire

Cisco predicts 13-fold rise in mobile broadband traffic by 2017

EU budget cuts slash broadband funding by 90 per cent

UK Broadband says 4G will boost mobile TV viewing

Broadband battle as Virgin sells for £15bn

Fibre to drive global broadband revenue growth to 2018

1st February 2013

Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire’s £35.6m broadband deal signed

Sky starting to challenge Virgin Media as second largest provider

Satellite broadband hits 20Mbps

Devon and Somerset sign up for ‘superfast’ broadband

Broadband an ‘excuse’ to build overhead cables in national parks

Government proposal would give five year window for above-ground telecoms infrastructure

BDUK funding ‘to bring super-fast broadband to 1.8m homes’

Applications invited for superfast Broadband grants

Bucks and Herts broadband project now at procurement stage

Super-fast broadband ‘will boost UK creative sector’

18th Janaury 2013

Plusnet predicts more broadband competition

Ofcom decision enables UK broadband provider to expand

Rural broadband upgrades welcomed by e-learners

Broadband goal should be raised to 10Mb says UK regulator director

Broadband ‘key to sustaining rural communities’

4th January 2013

Satellite broadband to tackle rural problems, says minister

Guest post: 3 tips for choosing business broadband

UK Fixed Broadband Map 2012- Map showing broadband information by administrative authority

Broadband blackspots: The quest to improve the UK’s coverage

Vaizey says fast broadband will bring big benefits to farmers

Rural broadband ‘changing face’ of economy

Broadband in 2013: Four-letter words beginning with ‘F’


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